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UPPER BEAR CREEK COMMUNITY COUNCIL PUBLIC FORUM: Thursday, April 28, 2016 - 7- 9 p.m - Woodinville Library
AGENDA - On-site Septic System (OSS) Implementation Project

Flooding update (04/25/16):
Although we had some high lake levels over the winter, 185th only saw minor flooding during the worst storms. The lake level is currently reasonable, but we will continue to monitor it.

Milfoil Update (04/25/16):
The hand pulling efforts of the last two years don't seem to have made a positive impact on the milfoil problem. We may need to look at other solutions this year.

Water Lilies - treatment scheduled:
We have scheduled treatment for the first week of August, 2016.

Fish Stocking information for 2016:
Cottage Lake Fish Stocking  

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Who we are:

Friends of Cottage Lake (FOCL) is a non-profit, community-based group committed to improving and defending the health and continued enjoyment of Cottage Lake in Woodinville, WA.

We are currently working with King County to apply for grant money to help fund various lake improvement projects. In the summer of 2005, our lake was chosen as a recipient of a Centennial Clean Water Fund grant—this grant targets the phosphorus problem and funded water quality monitoring and community outreach programs for 5 years.

FOCL is also working with the community to deal with the water lily problem and the Eurasian Milfoil infestation on Cottage Lake. See the links for more information.

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